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Kandroid Kernel's Mission
작성일 2008-06-27 (금) 23:26
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IP: 218.xxx.168
1. Definision
 KanLinux is consist of  Mixed Linux Kernel Features  like kandroid Features and Linux  and Android Kernel Features
 In fact, Kandroid's goal is realtime features for  latency of mobile appliation.
2. Components
 - Linux 2.6.X
 - Android Kernel Features
 - Kandroid Kernel Features (Realtime Sceduling and Sensor Network Infra)
3. .......... Under construction.
이름아이콘 들풀
2008-06-27 23:34
kandroid kernel mission 중에 celluar network상에서 http performance를 근본적으로
해결할 수 있는 구조는 제가 고민해 보죠..~ 화이팅..
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