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"Hit" testing on a View(MapView)
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저도 요즘 MapView에 대한 작업을 좀 하고 있는데, 아래의 정보 참조하시면 도움이 될 것입니다.
아래의 소스는 오래 전에 어느 블로그에서 받아놓았던 sample인데 참조하세요.
소스코드는 m5-r15 용으로 제작된 것은 아니니까 대충 참조하시면 될 듯합니다.
기본 개념은, Overlay에서 onTap을 overriding하여서 click 이벤트를 제어하는 방법입니다.
출처 :
소스코드 :


"Hit" testing on a View(MapView)

The following tutorial addresses how to perform ‘hit’ testing for user ‘clicks’ in a View. By hit testing, we mean the
ability to determine when a user’s selection of a specific Point in a View overlaps with a region that we are
monitoring for further action.
In other words at the end of this MapView tutorial, your users will be able to click on any icon that you draw onto
the map, and you’ll be able to take whatever action you like such as displaying a transparent popup window (as
we do in the tutorial).
Here’s what the final result will look like:
We’ll assume you already know how to add a MapView to a layout and create an Overlay and will jump right into
how to test whether a user selection ‘hit’ one of those mapped icons.
Our icons are rendered by an extension of Overlay we have named MapLocationOverlay which has 2 primary
methods called during an Overlay.draw(). We’ll go through each of these in detail:
drawMapLocations(canvas, calculator, shadow);
drawInfoWindow(canvas, calculator, shadow);

More important perhaps, we’ll discuss the following method which performs the hit testing of each user tap
on the screen.

Starting with locations on our MapView
We start by creating a class, MapLocation, to store our map location name, latitude, & longitude. Four instances
of MapLocation are created as shown in the screenshot of San Francisco above:
mapLocations = new ArrayList<MapLocation>();
mapLocations.add(new MapLocation(”North Beach”,37.799800872802734,-122.40699768066406));
mapLocations.add(new MapLocation(”China Town”,37.792598724365234,-122.40599822998047));
mapLocations.add(new MapLocation(”Fisherman’s Wharf”,37.8091011047,-122.416000366));
mapLocations.add(new MapLocation(”Financial District”,37.79410171508789,-122.4010009765625));

These map locations will be drawn to the MapView and used for testing user clicks.
Drawing Map Locations
Before we can test for users clicking our icon, we need to first learn how those icons are drawn to the screen.
Once you are comfortable setting the screen coordinates for drawing of your icon, it will be simple to test those
same coordinates for ‘hits’ (user clicks” on that icon).
Screen coordinates start at (0,0) in the upper-left and end at the bottom-right (screenWidth,screenHeight) of
our screen. To draw our location’s icon, we must first know how to translate from the latitude/longitude
coordinates of our map location to these x & y screen coordinates. Android provides this function for us via a
PixelCalculator which is passed in Overlay’s draw() method.
public void draw(Canvas canvas, PixelCalculator calculator, boolean shadow)
To use PixelCalculator, simply pass an int[2] to the calculator along with our location’s latitude/longitude as a
Point. The calculator does its magic and returns the screen coordinates of our map location.
int[] screenCoords = new int[2];
calculator.getPointXY(testLocation.getPoint(), screenCoords);

As we will be drawing a bitmap balloon icon to the screen, we must ensuring that the bottom middle of our icon
is directly on top of our location’s latitude & longitude screen coordinates (as shown in the image below). This
accurate positioning of our icon will be key to hit testing later on.

To draw the balloon icon then, we call drawBitmap() and ensure the top/left of our icon is properly offset.
canvas.drawBitmap(icon, screenCoords[0] - icon.width()/2, screenCoords[1] - icon.height(),null);
And that’s it, our icons is now properly drawn on the screen. Now we need to perform ‘hit’ tests for user
interaction with these icons.
Listening for Map Taps & Then Testing for ‘Hits’

User taps on the MapView are captured by overriding Overlay’s onTap() method and then testing for overlap
with our icons’ locations on the screen. If a hit occurs and new information popup displayed (or a prior
information popup removed), then we invalidate the map so Overlay.draw() is called.
public boolean onTap(DeviceType deviceType, Point p, PixelCalculator calculator) {
// Store whether prior popup was displayed so call invalidate() to remove it if necessary.
boolean isRemovePriorPopup = selectedMapLocation != null;
// Next test whether a new popup should be displayed
selectedMapLocation = getHitMapLocation(calculator,p);
if ( isRemovePriorPopup || selectedMapLocation != null) {
// Lastly return true if we handled this onTap()
return selectedMapLocation != null;
So here’s the real point of this tutorial…how do we match the screen coordinates that the user clicks to the
latitude & longitude of our icon on the map?
Just as we determined the location of our map for drawing on the screen, we will now create a Rectangle
to represent that drawn icon and use the Rectangle.contains() method to test whether the user’s MotionEvent
occurred within that Rectangle.
private MapLocation getHitMapLocation(PixelCalculator calculator, Point tapPoint) {
// Track which MapLocation was hit…if any
MapLocation hitMapLocation = null;
RectF hitTestRecr = new RectF();
int[] screenCoords = new int[2];
Iterator<MapLocation> iterator = mapView.getMapLocations().iterator();
while(iterator.hasNext()) {
MapLocation testLocation =;
// As above, translate MapLocation lat/long to screen coordinates
calculator.getPointXY(testLocation.getPoint(), screenCoords);
// Use this information to create a ‘hit” testing Rectangle to represent the size
// of our location’s icon at the correct location on the screen.

// As we want the base of our balloon icon to be at the exact location of
our map location, we set our Rectangle’s location so the bottom-middle of
our icon is at the screen coordinates of our map location (shown above).
// Next, offset the Rectangle to location of our location’s icon on the screen.
// Finally test for match between ‘hit’ Rectangle and location clicked by the user.
// If a hit occurred, then we stop processing and return the result;

calculator.getPointXY(tapPoint, screenCoords);
if (hitTestRecr.contains(screenCoords[0],screenCoords[1])) {
hitMapLocation = testLocation;
return hitMapLocation;
And that’s it for hit testing. If a hit occurred in our Rectangle, we track the selected map location and render a
popup window above the map location’s icon with the name of the location.
Drawing a Popup Information Window
The following code for displaying a popup window may look complex, but the goal is simple - to set the correct
screen coordinates for the information window to display directly above & centered on our location’s icon.
private void drawInfoWindow(Canvas canvas, PixelCalculator calculator, boolean shadow) {
// Again get our screen coordinate
int[] selDestinationOffset = new int[2];
calculator.getPointXY(selectedMapLocation.getPoint(), selDestinationOffset);

// Setup the info window with the right size & location
RectF infoWindowRect = new RectF(0,0,INFO_WINDOW_WIDTH,INFO_WINDOW_HEIGHT);
int infoWindowOffsetX = selDestinationOffset[0]-INFO_WINDOW_WIDTH/2;
int infoWindowOffsetY = selDestinationOffset[1]-INFO_WINDOW_HEIGHT-bubbleIcon.height();

// Draw inner info window
canvas.drawRoundRect(infoWindowRect, 5, 5, getInnerPaint());

// Draw border for info window
canvas.drawRoundRect(infoWindowRect, 5, 5, getBorderPaint());

// Draw the MapLocation’s name
int TEXT_OFFSET_X = 10;
int TEXT_OFFSET_Y = 15;

And that’s it. Please let me know of any points that need clarification or that I should expand/improve upon.
Here is the .apk you can use along with the source files:
Happy coding,
Anthony (Acopernicus)
이름아이콘 현국이다
2008-06-04 10:46
자료감사합니다 ^^
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