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[ADC1,Winner] SplashPlay
작성일 2008-05-12 (월) 18:38
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The key features for SplashPlay's first product release are as follows :
Download songs from our website and send them to the SplashPod via a BlueTooth or USB connection.
Attach the pod to the guitar headstock and then wrap the thin, flexible light panel around the fretboard and
you're ready to learn, it's that easy.
Wireless foot pedal allowing you to manipulate the song being played whilst keeping your hands on the
Pressing the metronome button on the pod starts a beeping sound. Speed of the beeps can be varied by
a tempo dial on the pod.
Ability to tune stringed instruments. Simply place your mobile phone or PC mic next to the guitar and
pluck away. The light panel indicates if the string is tuned too high or too low.
The pod will have an OLED screen, showing information such as the name of the song playing, number of
songs stored, tutorials currently in memory
and chord names when the song is playing.
The pod will incorporate lithium-ion battery technology. The battery will be charged by a USB cable
connected to a PC, allowing you to download songs or tutorials to the pod whilst also recharging.
Through this website, we will encourage you to send in your own song complilations allowing you to
deliver your own music to the internet masses and for this website to be seen as a natural extension
iTunes and YouTube.
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