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[ADC1,Winner] Pocket Journey
작성일 2008-05-12 (월) 18:34
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What is Pocket Journey?
Pocket Journey is a mobile application that connects your location to the voices of a global community
of artists, historians, architects, musician, comedians, and others so you can quickly know everything
about anywhere.
It is targeted to anyone and all age groups wanting to explore our world in more detail from tourists
exploring new locations as well as anyone interested in learning more about their own local areas.
While our alpha release focuses on a few major cities, Pocket Journey will soon capture information from
any location on the planet.
Audio Guide Community...Or Where Does the Content Come From?
Of course, the content is community driven as we could never generate the depth & breadth of content
required all by ourselves. We need to be a bit evasive in offering full details though as Pocket Journey
is still in stealth mode. However we don't want you to leave thinking this is all smoke & mirrors.

As some of you know, we've spent the last couple months developing a version of Pocket Journey for entry into Google's Android Challenge. With the website community nearly complete and a working mobile prototype, we created this video introduction into the Pocket Journey vision of enabling everyone to share knowledge about any location on the planet and allowing anyone to access this location-aware information from anywhere . Oh...and you'll also get a sneak-peak of the Android-powered Pocket Journey in action.

As you might guess, the vision of Pocket Journey presented in the video will only be possible because of the special the features of the Android mobile operating system and the establishment of the Open HandSet Alliance. We researched porting Pocket Journey to Apple's iPhone, but Pocket Journey relies on mobile mapping and GPS capabilities that are not yet available to iPhone developers. Curiously, the iPhone itself does have Google's mapping functionality but the Apple's developer API does not provide access to the mission critical Google Map application.
Sneak Peaks - Android Interface
Here are better screenshots of the Android-based alpha version of Pocket Journey. If you're an Android developer and have questions about anything shown on these screenshots, then visit our blog. We have already posted many Android tutorials there, but if the one you want isn't there then please request it, and we'll do our best to help you.
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