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  • Geo-centered social networking and inter- and intra-contact communication application unleashing power of Android platform
  • Brings together the concept of person, time and place
  • Revolutionizes and promotes real life communication and collaboration
  • Multipurpose tool to be used both for fun and serious stuff
  • Augmentation of reality in a truly P2P way

  • Commandro Highlights

  • Commandro shows where are your friends REALLY are and what are they're doing at the moment. We use GPS location information in order to make sure that you and your friends have actually reached the planned destinations, and, hence, will display 100% true real-life event and location information with regards to your and your friends.

  • Commandro allows to create activity plans with nesting and overlapping activities. Then Commandro will use its algorithms, based on GPS location information and user-configured activity sensitivity radius parameter. This is done in order to figure out which activity is most relevant, and, hence, should be displayed to you and your friends.

  • Commandro allows to setup various activity-specific and person-specific alerts that use Android Notifications service in order to notify you on your friends' location, time and activity description events (As an example - get notifications when your friend appears in the specific radius or several minutes before the activity which you're likely to miss, etc.)

  • Commandro allows to invite your friends to your activities. Whenever your friends confirm your invitations, the relevant activities will be automatically created and added to their activity plans, so they could setup notifications or you could see whether they're actually making their way to them or not.

  • Commandro allows to search for the future events of your friends as well as for the public activities of any other Commandro users (external to your contact list) on the basis of activity time, radius within users' current position (or any of the known favorite places), activity keywords and tags. The search results can be displayed on a separate map or added to the main map view.

  • Commandro allows sending and receiving instant messages to and from your friends or to and from any other Commandro user. Commandro also allows to create new Android contacts, register new Commandro friends as well as to share your phone number with any external Commandro user when needed.

  • Commandro allows to upload your portrait/avatar, as well as your date of birth and gender information to the Commandro server, so other Commandro users (including your friends) can enjoy your the most actual portraits. Even more profile parameters will be available really soon.

  • Commandro dynamically maintains the list of your Favorite Places by automatically adding new places which you specified in your activities or by automatically retrieving place information from any activities that your friends are sharing with you.

  • Commandro provides a truly revolutionary functionality in order to facilitate the map exploration and contact tracking, such as: span all, contact sticking/un-sticking, multiple layers, overlay grouping and functionality that allows switching between overlapping and grouped overlays.

  • Commandro makes extensive use of geocoding (Google Maps Geocoder) and reverse geocoding (GeoNames) services in order to facilitate quick map retrieval. It also provides as accurately as possible addresses to you and your friends.

  • Commandro can make use of any XMPP service and 95% of it's functionality is based on the P2P XMPP messages exchange between the actual users, only the minimal bits of functionality (such as all-Commandro searches or image uploadings) are done through the HTTP, however, even those will be migrated to to XMPP File Transfer extensions in the near future.

  • Commandro is a full scale Android Service, even when Commandro UI is not running (for example, in order to free resources for the other applications), Commandro will still be able to run and gather/report necessary data. When UI is re-started, the user will automatically be updated with the latest data.



    (C) Commandro, 2008. Developed by Alexey Pisarev and Andrey Tapekha All images and fairy
    displayed in this document are the property, trademarks and registered trademarks of their legal
    owners. Those images are used for demonstrational purposes only and under no circumstances
    are intended for the use in any version of Commandro product.
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