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Game Garden -- ADC Submission
작성일 2008-05-04 (일) 13:48
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My team's submission is named GameGarden, this is a game includes two different mode
--Serious Mode and Recreational Mode.

Recreational Mode -- In this mode, users could customize their own game and enjoy themselves

when they take a bus or waiting for plane in the airport. We provide a GUI tool to help them make this
come true. In order to make a game, Users just need to select some items and setting some
parameters. We expect users could expend average 5-10 minutes to customize a simple game after
they are familiar with our tool. What's more cool, multiplayer game could be support among 5-6
persons by blue tooth or Wi-Fi technology in the future.

Serious Mode -- Actually, serious game is not an emergent novelty for us and it has been used in

all kinds of fields in the society. We could used fly simulating game to train pilot. And some beneficial
applications are also used in education, medical care, etc. So, we try to take use of game in
communication and social networking. Although there is a lot of work to do in order to reach this goal,
we believe that serious game has bright perspective. And the serious mode in our application is the
first step to implement serious game.
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