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< New Phone Number & Address Project >
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< New Phone Number & Address Project >




city code















< New Phone Number & Address Project >


........* 1 ID = Map ID + Home ID

..........- Map ID = A Map Image Number

..........- Home ID = Home Number on the Map Image

.* Map ID (5555) + Home ID (092) = 1 ID (5555092)

    (1 ID = My New Phone Number & Address &...)





< New Phone Number & Address Project >

..........( The map revolution with map numbers )


1) What is this project?

Our times have changed and the world has changed.
Why do we have to use inconvenient, complicated
phone numbers and an analogue address system.

We've used individual long character address
according to their own nationality, language and address system.

In the cyber world, we need a new digital address
that is easy, simple and convenient.

Then, what is the best address of the world in the future?
No matter how great it must be easy and simple!

We strongly suggest using " 1ID " from " ".

2) What is the " 1ID "?

Let's imagine we look at a world atlas.
Where is my home? What page?

The 555th page, the 12th house.
My house number is " 555-12 ".

That's it! " the page number of the map ".
Now, everybody in the world can find my house.

We learned it this way in the preschool.
It's easy, simple and convenient for everybody in the whole world.

Then, how about a digital map? What about the cyber world?
Where is my home? What page?

Sadly, we don't have a map page number yet.
Then, let's make the map numbers for new address of the cyber world !

Now, it's time to " the map page era " from " the web page era ".

Then, how to make it? That's the problem.
What is the best way of making a map with numbers?

After a long time studying, we found the answer.
The best way is 9 squares partitioned into a map.

That is " 1ID ".

1ID is the only one identification code in this world.
1ID is a new phone number and digital address.
1ID is easy, simple and convenient to control using a map system.

* 1ID = Map ID + Home ID.
- Map ID = a map image number.
- Home ID = a home number on the map image.

You can watch the demo here -

Why is a 9 square partition way good?
It's the most efficient way of moving around a map.

It has a regular order whenever you move a map. (9 patterns)
There are always the same numbers from 1 to 9 that rotate regularly.
It's easy to control moving and searching of a map,
especially on a mobile phone.

3) How to use 1ID?

When you input an address into the mobile map service,
which is more convenient? a long character address or just a few numbers?

If we make a world map system with 1ID,
we can find whatever we want with just a few numbers easily.

For example, when we order a pizza,
make a reservation at hospital or look for a good restaurant,
do we have to input a long character address?

When we connect to a world map sysytem,
it could be automatically connected our area where we are here now,

the map number " 555 ",
there will be many shop numbers on the map,

such as Pizza Hut " 11 ", KFC " 12 ", Domino " 13 ", TGI " 14 " ...
then, all we have to do is choose one and call.

Next time we can connect to KFC directly with 1ID " 555-12 ".

At New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul or any city of the world,
regardless of nationality, language, character, address system, etc.,
all we need is just a few numbers.

And we can use a class ID such as restaurant number,
hospital number, hair shop number, mall number, etc.

If we input hospital class ID, we can find hospitals on the map all at once.

Like this, Wherever we go to a city in the world.
We can find whatever we want very easy and fast with " 1ID ".

4) What good is 1ID?

1ID could be a world number address.
Because numbers are an official language of the world.

Regardless of if you are American, European, Asian, African...
Regardless of if you are a child, an old man, an illiterate ...

It's easy enough to use for even a 5 year old child.
It need to just push the displayed number on the map.

That means we don't need memorize this ID number.
If you know the ID, yon can directly connect to there.
If you don't know the ID, just look at map and choose the number on the map.
We can go step by step with 1ID sequence.

Don't worry about how to remember my useful ID.
We already use similar number even without image like phone number.

This is a evolution of the phone number.
Former phone number doesn't has specific area number,
class number, building number, shop number, room number,
even their own image.

But 1ID has a city number, a specific area number, a class number,
a building number, a shop number, a room number,
a person's number, a device number,

and most of all,
every single 1ID has their own image and a map page.

We can use this number in a combination.
(1ID = map ID + home ID )
(1ID = map ID + class ID + shop ID )
(1ID = map ID + building ID + room ID + person ID + device ID)

Therefore my home, my room, my computer,
my tv, my car, my phone, my MP3, everything will has 1ID.
It means we can control everything on this planet
by our mobile phone with " 1ID ".

Of course we can use this personally with our password.
this could be a address of our home network system in the ubiquitous era.

It's easy to control magnifying, moving, searching for everybody.

When we travel to a new city, we can find our destination easily with 1ID.
When we order some food, just give our 1ID to deliverer.
When we take taxi, just give our 1ID to driver.

Where to, sir? " 555-12 ", please.

If deliverer and driver input this ID into their phone,
They can find that building's position exactly.

In the future, we can use 1ID instead of other addresses such as phone number,
specific area number, character address, zip codes, web addresses, e-mail addresses...

It means we can call a phone with 1ID, we can deliver a mail with 1ID,
we can visit a web site with 1ID, we can send message with 1ID,
and there will be so many useful ways with 1ID.

5) How to make 1ID system?

These days, there are many map systems such as GIS, GPS, LBS ...
We can use these kind of system.
But the best way is using a web site system.

For example, every single 1ID has one map page.

The 555 map's url is would be " 555.html "
and the 12 home's url is would be " 55512.html "

and linked according to map's magnifying, moving.
At the 555.html is linked to every home and shop to their url.

Then, when we click the 12 home icon at 555.html,
we can move to 55512.html.
and we can call, order, shop, mail, chat and video communication, etc.

It's very easy and simple to make and use for everybody.
We can connect to this map page regardless of if we use the mobile or web.

And we can also make a great variety of application with 1ID.

It means everybody can make their own map page like blog.
Therefore 1ID could be a homepage address and a e-mail address.

Now, let's start " the map revolution " !

6) 1ID's future?

Who made phone numbers and address systems?
How did they make it?

Over 100 years ago, they just gave it irregularly.
Now, we must make 1ID regularly and effectively.

There were similar numbers such as phone area codes, zip codes, etc.
But, that is not good enough for the future's digital system.

These days, there are many good map searching systems.
But that complicates old addresses making it more confusing.
So, the map searching system is too complicated to use it.
And it's really diffcult to input a long character address.

There seems to be something wrong.
Why do we have to adhere to old custom in this digital world?

Let's forget about old addresses and fixed ideas.
Let's make some good new addresses for a change.
Let's make our world more fantastic and exciting.

Can you speak English, French, Japanese, Korean...?
Do you know a New York address, Paris address, Korea address...?
We don't need to know that complicate old custom.

We are digital humans, we are the world.
We can search everything on this planet with just a few number.
We can go to everywhere on this planet with just a few number.
We can connect to everybody on this planet with just a few number.

We can unify our world with this number,
from the cyber world to the real world.

Someday, this world will be one with no boundaries, no nationalities.
Let's start from this in the cyber world.

In the near future,
We can connect to the one world system from anywhere of the world.
and we can search everything of everycity of the world.

We have a dream that one day
an african boy can shop in a New York mall and order a new phone.
And an american girl can make an online fashion shop in cyber paris.
Americans, Africans, Asians, Europeans... everybody could be friend.

So that, we must make a perfect number address.
We hope 1ID would be a humble beginning for the future's prosperity.

We've dreaming about one utopia (1pia), the world unification system.
and we wish you will join us and make this together.
Thank you for reading and your concerns.

If you need anything else, feel free to mail me.
Name : Seung chul, Lee ; Mail :




이름아이콘 neolee
2008-04-15 07:53
안드로이드 애플리케이션 만들 능력이 없어서,
그냥 아이디어만 정리해서 참가 신청 해봤는데,

모바일 맵 서비스에 관한 저의 아이디어 입니다.
아이디어만 있고 실현화 능력이 아무것도 없네요.
다른 일을 하고 있어서...

여러분의 조언과 의견 부탁 드립니다.

원피아 이승철, 010-7757-3585,
이름아이콘 스칼렛
2008-04-15 12:32
잘보았습니다 ^^
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