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Firefox의 지난 10년간의 RoadMap입니다.
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Firefox의 지난 10년간의 RoadMap입니다.  지난 10년간의 웹브라우저 흐름이 한눈에 들어 오는군요..^^
파일용량이 5M라서 여기서 올리려면 파일을 쪼개어야 하므로 그냥 사이트 링크합니다. 
Release history
Old Version Current Version Pre-release Version Future Version
Browser Name Gecko version Version Codename Release date Significant changes
Phoenix 1.2 0.1 Pescadero September 23, 2002 First release; customizable toolbar, quicksearch.
0.2 Santa Cruz October 1, 2002 Sidebar, extension management.
0.3 Lucia October 14, 2002 Image blocking, pop-up blocking whitelist, tabbed browsing.
1.3 0.4 Oceano October 19, 2002 Themes, pop-up blocking improvements, toolbar customization.
0.5 Naples December 7, 2002 Multiple homepages, sidebar and accessibility improvements, history
Mozilla Firebird 1.5 0.6 Glendale May 17, 2003 New default theme (Qute), bookmark and privacy improvements, smooth scrolling, automatic image resizing.
0.6.1 July 28, 2003 Bugfix release.
0.7 Indio October 15, 2003 Automatic scrolling, password manager, preferences panel improvements.
0.7.1 Three Kings October 26, 2003 Bugfix release (Mac OS X only).
Mozilla Firefox 1.6 0.8 Royal Oak February 9, 2004 Windows installer, offline working, bookmarks and download manager improvements, rebranded with new logo.
1.7 0.9 One Tree Hill June 15, 2004 New default theme (Winstripe), comprehensive data migration, new extension/theme manager, reduced download size, new help system, Linux installer, mail icon (Windows only).
0.9.1 June 28, 2004 Bugfix release, updated default theme.
0.9.2 July 8, 2004 Vulnerability patch (Windows only).
0.9.3 August 4, 2004 Vulnerability patch.
0.10 (1.0 PR) Greenlane September 14, 2004 ("Preview Release") Bugs with higher complexity/risk, localization impact, RSS/Atom feed support, find toolbar, plugin finder.
0.10.1 October 1, 2004 Vulnerability patch.
1.0 RC1 Mission Bay October 27, 2004 First release candidate.
1.0 RC2 Whangamata November 3, 2004 Second release candidate.
1.0 Phoenix November 9, 2004 Official version 1.0 release. Official localized builds.
1.0.1 Rose & Crown February 24, 2005 Stability and security improvements.
1.0.2 March 23, 2005 Stability and security improvements.
1.0.3 April 15, 2005 Security and installer improvements.
1.0.4 May 11, 2005 Vulnerability and DHTML regression patch.
1.0.5 July 12, 2005 Vulnerability patch.
1.0.6 July 19, 2005 Fix for extension API regression.
1.0.7 September 20, 2005 Vulnerability patch and regression fix.
1.0.8 April 13, 2006 Stability improvement and security fixes. End-of-life of 1.0.x product line.
1.8 1.1a1 Deer Park Alpha 1
May 31, 2005 Support for SVG and canvas. "Sanitize" privacy feature. Improvements in JavaScript 1.5 and CSS 2/3. Broken website reporter tool.
1.1a2 Deer Park Alpha 2 July 12, 2005 Blazing fast backwards and forwards (FastBack), drag-and-drop tab reordering, improved pop-up blocking, error pages instead of error dialogs.
1.4 Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 September 9, 2005 New update system (binary patch). Prettier error pages, more Luna-like Winstripe theme (does not blend well with the Classic theme).
1.4.1 Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 October 6, 2005 Improvements to automated update system, website rendering and performance. Several security fixes.
1.5 RC1 November 1, 2005 First release candidate.
1.5 RC2 November 10, 2005 Second release candidate.
1.5 RC3 November 17, 2005 Third release candidate.
1.5 Firefox 1.5
"Deer Park"
November 29, 2005 Official version 1.5 release. Official localized builds. Identical to 1.5 RC3. February 1, 2006 Security and "reliability" improvements. April 13, 2006 Stability improvements, security fixes and native support for Intel-based Macintosh computers, aka universal binary. May 2, 2006 Security fix for a publicly disclosed denial of service weakness. June 1, 2006 Stability improvements and security fixes. July 26, 2006 Stability improvements, added changes for Frisian locale (fy-NL), several security fixes. August 2, 2006 Fixes a streaming Windows Media regression introduced by a security fix in version September 14, 2006 Stability improvements and security fixes. November 7, 2006 Stability improvements and security fixes. December 19, 2006 Security and stability updates. February 23, 2007 Security and stability updates. March 20, 2007 Regression fixes. May 30, 2007 Stability improvements and security fixes. End-of-life of 1.5.0.x product line.
Mozilla Firefox 2 1.8.1 2.0a1 Bon Echo Alpha 1 March 22, 2006
2.0a2 Bon Echo Alpha 2 May 12, 2006 Links default to open in new tab. Close button on every tab. Inline spell checking for text boxes. Session restoration after a browser crash. Search suggestion for Google and Yahoo!. New search plugin manager and add-on manager. Web feed previewing. Bookmark microsummaries. Updates to the extension system. Support for Sherlock and OpenSearch. Support for SVG text using svg:textPath.
2.0a3 Bon Echo Alpha 3 May 26, 2006 Anti-phishing protection. Search suggestions appear with search history in the search box for Google and Yahoo!. Support for client-side session and persistent storage.
2.0b1 Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 July 12, 2006 Improved feed support. A new NSIS-based installer. JavaScript 1.7. Enhanced security and localization support for extensions.
2.0b2 Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 August 31, 2006 New Winstripe theme refresh: New navigation icons, URL bar refresh (New Go button attached to the URL bar), Search bar refresh, Tab bar refresh, Alltabs button (used to view a popup list of all tabs open)
2.0 RC 1 September 26, 2006
2.0 RC 2 October 6, 2006
2.0 RC 3 October 16, 2006
2.0 Firefox 2
"Bon Echo"
October 24, 2006 Official version 2.0 release. Official localized builds. Identical to 2.0 RC3. December 19, 2006 Stability improvements and security fixes. February 23, 2007 Stability improvements and security fixes. March 20, 2007 Regression fixes and security fixes. May 30, 2007 Stability improvements and security fixes. July 17, 2007 Stability and security fixes. July 30, 2007 Stability and security fixes. September 18, 2007 Security fix. October 18, 2007 Security fix, Mac OS X 10.5 support. November 1, 2007 Stability fixes. November 26, 2007 Security issues fixed. November 30, 2007 Corrected a problem that was found in the previous release, Firefox
Mozilla Firefox 3 1.9 3.0a1 Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 December 8, 2006 Cairo graphics library. Cocoa Widgets in OS X builds. Updated threading model. Changes to how DOM events are dispatched, how HTML object elements are loaded, and how web pages are painted. New SVG elements and filters, and improved SVG specification compliance. Windows 95, 98, ME and Mac OS X v10.2 are no longer supported. Moving DOM nodes between documents now requires a call to importNode or adoptNode as per the DOM specification.
3.0a2 Gran Paradiso Alpha 2 February 7, 2007 Reflow refactoring, which led to Acid2 test compliance among many other fixes to layout bugs. Web Apps 1.0 API for changing stylesheets support. The inline-block and inline-table values of CSS 2.1's display property are now implemented. XML documents can now be rendered as they're downloaded instead of only after the full document has been loaded. Greatly improved Mac widgets support since Alpha 1. Improvements in the Cairo graphics layer. The non-standard JavaScript "Script" object is no longer supported.
3.0a3 Gran Paradiso Alpha 3 March 23, 2007 Support for allowing web pages to store resources in the browser's offline cache. Support for Animated PNG images. Support for the "HTTPOnly" cookie extension which provides enhanced cookie privacy (also backported to Firefox[22]). Improvements to the precision of layout and scaling across many screen and printer resolutions.
3.0a4 Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 April 27, 2007 Adding of FUEL JavaScript library for extension developers. Rewrite of the Page Info dialog. Upgrade to Cairo 1.4.2. More Cocoa regression fixes.
3.0a5 Gran Paradiso Alpha 5 June 6, 2007 Places (bookmark and history service based on SQLite) now used by default, but no front-end changes. Breakpad now used as crash reporter on Windows and Mac OS X, which will supersede the closed-source Talkback. Password manager rewrite. Support for Growl and native widgets within forms for Mac OS X.
3.0a6 Gran Paradiso Alpha 6 July 2, 2007 Upgrade of SQLite to version 3.3.17, which led to increased cookie performance due to the transition of the cookie service to SQLite. A site-specific preference service; so far only text zoom uses it which allows the text zoom setting to stay persistent on each website. Support for native widgets within forms for Linux. A new Quit dialog which handles multiple windows more elegantly, and allows the user to save the session once to resume next time. Autoscroll rewrite: many bug fixes and a significant performance gain. Fixes to the use of units within the download manager. Various Places bug fixes.
3.0a7 Gran Paradiso Alpha 7 August 3, 2007 More API's implemented from WHATWG specs, such as the ability to read files from file selection fields without the need to upload, oncut/copy/paste events and cross-site XMLHttpRequest. New protocol-handling dialog. Experimental full-page zoom support, but no UI to control it yet. Many Mac OS X bug fixes, at the cost of OS X 10.3 no longer being supported for Gecko 1.9. Many general bug fixes.
3.0a8 Gran Paradiso Alpha 8 September 20, 2007 [23] New, basic UI for tagging bookmarks. Remember Password prompt changed to a non-modal information bar. Malware blacklist support. New UI for the FTP and File protocol listings. Applications pane added to preferences. Basic support for web-based protocol handlers.
3.0b1 Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 November 19, 2007 [23]
3.0b2 Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 December 18, 2007 [23] New UI improvements, including redesigned location bar, Places Organizer, Smart Bookmarks. Various stability and performance improvements.
3.0b3 Firefox 3.0 Beta 3
3.0 Firefox 3
"Gran Paradiso"
Mozilla Firefox 4 2.0 4.0
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