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10 tips for developers to become productive
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10 tips for developers to become productive

Here's 10 tips for Android developers to become productive.

1. Accountability

- Break functionality into tasks.
For every functionality that you had been given, Break the given functionality into tasks that can be done in less than a 4 hr window. Don't get tasks assigned for example more than a 8 hr window. The reasoning is if you are not able to break your tasks into smaller pieces that can be done within a day, then you are not doing it right.
As a developer we should be looking at completing 2-3 tasks a day.

2. Commitment

- Estimate task development time:
As a developer tell yourself that you need to be completing this in X hours of time. The X might differ based on the experience. Even if you are wrong in estimation the first few times, don't worry. You'll get better at this and over time the estimation would be done right.
Never say I don't know to estimate. That's basically saying that you don't know how to write code.

3. Responsibility

- Use the Tracker:
Enter your tasks and track them. Tracking your tasks using the tracker at
the end of the day will make you a better developer over time.

4. Credibility

- Complete the tasks as per the schedule:
Try and complete the tasks as per your original estimate. Do not leave home with incomplete tasks.

5. Liability

- Check the code into SVN:
After completion of every task, check your code into Subversion. If there's
a conflict, resolve the conflict and check them in. Checking into SVN every couple of hours would save your work and boost your productivity. If you are not checking in code into the team repository, you are soon to become liable to the entire team.

6. Focus

Throw away all your little distractions and focus on code. When you are in the zone, try to stay in the zone as long as possible. Warming up time to write effective code is significant. So don't get distracted with emails, talks etc.,

7. Schedule your day

Allocate specific time for checking emails, chatting etc., Leave a larger window for uninterrupted coding. If you are easily getting disrupted then your mind is not in visualizing and writing effective code. Try to get your environment as comfortable as possible for productive coding.

8. Google it

Use the forums. Use IRC.
When you hit a bug, google it. Cut and paste the exact error into the google search box. You'll be surprise how easily you can find your solution. Use the developer groups and forums. Find out where the platform developers hang out in IRC.
Remember: The computer is always right. You are the one who's fighting it.

9. Get help

When you are stuck on a problem for an unusually long time, do yourself a favor. Get Help! Seriously. Don't keep quiet. Keeping quiet is the worst thing that a developer can ever do, when he's caught in a mess. Raise your voice and make people listen to your problems. Once you make the world know that you have a serious problem at hand, You'll be surprise how easily the solution arrives at your desktop.

10. Collaborate

Work as a team. Share. Discuss. Be among the company of smart people. Avoid naysayers and pessimists like a plague. The secret recipe to be a productive programmers is to be in the company of productive programmers.
And finally,
Relax. Take it easy. Have fun.
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