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2015 Google IO Sessions & Sandbox Talks
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2015 Google IO Session 목록
  • Google Cloud Messaging 3.0
  • What's new in Android
  • Smarter monetization with AdMob and Analytics
  • What’s New in Android Development Tools
  • Growing games with Google
  • Making apps context aware: Opportunities, tools, lessons and the future
  • Material Now
  • Polymer and modern web APIs: In production at Google scale
  • A little badass. Beautiful.
  • Tech and human. Work and love. ATAP.
  • Tech for a better world, faster: A discussion with's social innovators
  • Designing for virtual reality
  • Helping Moonshots Survive Contact with the Real World
  • Developers connecting the world through Google Play
  • Developing for the living room with Google
  • Android Wear: Your app and the always-on screen
  • Democratizing Education
  • Engineering for the Stratosphere - Presented by Women Techmakers

2015 Google IO Sandbox Talk 목록 (안드로이드 관련)
  • Bringing Material Design to life on Android
  • Material Design year one
  • Designing games for Google Cast
  • Help your users live better with Google Fit
  • Gaming on Android TV
  • Getting your app on the road with Android Auto
  • Apps installing channels on TVs
  • Designing for Driving
  • Leanback support library
  • Smarter and personalized device authentication with Smart Lock
  • Simplifying app development using the wearable support library
  • Integrating with Global Search on Android TV
  • Recommendations with Android TV
  • Finding success with family-friendly apps on Play
  • Promote your mobile app in minutes
  • Get your app into the Google index
  • Optimizing your game’s first impression on Play
  • What's new in the Google Play Developer Console
  • Battery Performance & Tooling
  • Rendering Performance & Tooling
  • Memory Performance & Tooling
  • Network Performance & Tooling
  • Android Developer Tools:
  • Deep dive into Performance & Build Tools
  • Android application architecture
  • Smarter approaches to app testing
  • Data driven Android UI development
  • Espresso: UI-testing for Android
  • Unit testing on Android
  • Mobile app quality leaps to the cloud
  • Building location aware apps using the Android Location and Places APIs
  • Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions
  • Containers to back your mobile app
  • Achieving Maps zen on Android
  • Unleashing the power of Android Backup


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