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Google I/O'18: Day 2- Sessions
작성일 2018-05-21 (월) 20:06
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[Session] 5 ways to make your app more successful with Firebase

[Session] Android Jetpack: how to smartly use Fragments in your UI

[Session] Android Slices: build interactive results for Google Search

[Session] Best practices for testing your Actions

[Session] Best practices to design AR applications

[Session] Code beautiful UI with Flutter and Material Design

[Session] Get started with TensorFlow high-level APIs

[Session] What's new in Chrome DevTools

[Session] Analyze your audience and benchmark metrics to grow on Google Play

[Session] Build awesome media experiences on the web

[Session] Build planetary scale apps with Firebase

[Session] Google Maps Platform: ready for scale

[Session] Leverage Google Identity to reduce sign in friction and abuse

[Session] Microservices in the Cloud with Kubernetes and Istio

[Session] Web performance made easy

[Session] What's new in Android Things

[Session] What’s new in automotive

[Session] Bring the best of Google Photos to your app

[Session] Building the future of artificial intelligence for everyone

[Session] Grow your app business through user acquisition and monetization

[Session] Make your WordPress site progressive

[Session] OpenThread: Bringing the Internet to low-power IoT devices

[Session] Protips: a fresh look at advanced topics for Android experts

[Session] Transform the way you work with Hangouts Chat bots

[Session] What's new in AR

[Session] What's new in Wear OS by Google

[Session] Android Jetpack: what's new in Architecture Components

[Session] Build real consumer devices with Android Things

[Session] Build the future of the web with modern JavaScript

[Session] Challenges and learnings of building for the next billion users

[Session] Design Actions for the Google Assistant: beyond smart speakers, to phones and smart displays

[Session] Frictionless Android testing: write once, run everywhere

[Session] Improve app performance and stability with Firebase

[Session] Release management: successful launches and updates on Google Play

[Session] What's new in web accessibility

[Session] Pick the right tools to grow your app on Google Cloud Platform

[Session] TensorFlow for JavaScript

[Session] The future of the web is immersive

[Session] The value of immersive design sprints

[Session] Fireside chat: building on and contributing to Google’s open source projects

[Session] Introducing AIY: Do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence

[Session] Pushing immersive learning beyond the classroom

[Session] Web Components and the Polymer Project: Polymer 3.0 and beyond

[Session] What's new with the Google Assistant SDK for devices

[Session] Android Jetpack: what’s new in Android Support Library

[Session] Build for Android (Go edition): optimize your app for global markets

[Session] Build the future of the web with WebAssembly and more

[Session] Design, machine learning, and creativity

[Session] Google Cloud Platform 101

[Session] Total mobile development made fun with Flutter and Firebase

[Session] Bringing AI and machine learning innovations to healthcare

[Session] Build blazing fast web content sites with Firebase and AMP

[Session] Build effective OEM-level apps on Android Things

[Session] Exploring AR interaction

[Session] ML Kit: Machine Learning SDK for mobile developers

[Session] PWA starter kit: build fast, scalable, modern apps with Web Components

[Session] Understanding Android memory usage

[Session] Best practices using compilers in Android Studio

[Session] How to incorporate what's new with Material Design in your code base

[Session] Integrating your content with the Google Assistant using AMP and markup

[Session] TensorFlow in production: TF Extended, TF Hub, and TF Serving

[Session] Upgrade to Firebase Cloud Messaging

[Session] Use Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report to optimize web app performance

[Session] What's new in Angular

[Session] Android Jetpack: easy background processing with WorkManager

[Session] Beyond single page apps: alternative architectures for your PWA

[Session] Building AR apps with the Sceneform SDK

[Session] Building for everyone: how to use tech to change the world

[Session] Change the way you work with Analytics

[Session] Electronic design for Android Things System on Modules

[Session] The power of Headless Chrome and browser automation

[Session] Best practices for text on Android

[Session] Google Play Instant: how app developers are finding success

[Session] Integrate Firebase into your existing backend infrastructure

[Session] Machine learning models + IoT data = a smarter world

[Session] What's new with the Android build system

[Session] What’s new for online checkout

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