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Google I/O'18: Day 1- Keynote & Sessions
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Google I/O'18: Google Keynote

Developer Keynote

[Session] What's new in Android

[Session] What’s new in Android accessibility

[Session] Build a powerful data backend for mobile and web

[Session] Customize Material Components for your product

[Session] Effective machine learning using Cloud TPUs

[Session] The web: state of the union

[Session] Accessibility for AR and VR

[Session] An introduction to developing Actions for the Google Assistant

[Session] Android vitals: debug app performance and reap rewards

[Session] Build with Google Pay

[Session] Lessons from Spectre and Meltdown, and how the whole web is getting safer

[Session] What's new in Firebase

[Session] What’s new with Android TV

[Session] 10 tips for building better Actions

[Session] Grow and optimize your subscriptions with new Google Play features

[Session] Introducing .app domain names, and how to secure them

[Session] What's new in Android Runtime

[Session] What's new in Android development tools

[Session] Build great Material Design products across platforms

[Session] Building a seamless web

[Session] Drawn out: how Android renders

[Session] Getting started with App Actions

[Session] The future of apps on Android and Google Play: modular, instant, and dynamic

[Session] Build the new, modular Android App Bundle

[Session] Designing for inclusion: insights from John Maeda and Hannah Beachler

[Session] Modern Android development: Android Jetpack, Kotlin, and more

[Session] New and advanced Google Play tools for game developers

[Session] PWAs: building bridges to mobile, desktop, and native

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