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Google I/O 2016 Keynote and Android
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Google I/O 2016 Keynote

What the Fragments?

Introducing Android Instant Apps

Android Layouts: a new world

Android NDK performance in an ART world

RecyclerView ins and outs

The experts' guide to Android development tools

What's new in Android development tools

Material improvements

Building for billions on Android

Android Wear 2.0: Building Apps with Material Design

What's new in Android security (M and N Version)

What's new in Android Wear 2.0?

Android Wear 2.0: Watch faces and Complications

Android Wear 2.0: Making Watch Apps more Standalone

Your Apps at work

Building rich fitness experiences with Google Fit platform

Google Cast & Android TV: Building connected experiences for the home

Making Android sensors and location work for you

Image compression for Android developers

Lean and Fast: Putting Your App on a Diet

What's new in the support library

Android Pay everywhere: New developments

Beyond payments with Android Pay

Designing for driving

Make shinier, faster mobile games with Vulkan

Raiders of the lost app: Google Play secrets to launching and getting discovered

Behind the scenes: What's new in Android accessibility

Introducing the Awareness API, an easy way to make your apps context aware

Games: The Google advantage

What's new in Android

Android battery and memory optimizations

Android themes & styles demystified

Advanced Espresso

What's new in Google Play for developers

Best practices in media playback

Principles of mobile app design: Delight users and drive conversions
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